October 22nd 2015

Today I’m in Montpellier, France. And for the first time since I was in Munich, Germany six weeks ago I am in a place that I have been to before. 

Although, according to my mum I was less than two when we came to Montpellier so I do not in slightest bit remember it.

That’s what’s so good about this trip, seeing new places. Places that I’d never normally have the opportunity to go to, or probably will again. 

We realised yesterday that the accommodation we booked through airbnb doesn’t have wifi internet, or any internet. Which as products of the Internet age, we are both obviously devastated by. We might have to read books, or, God forbid, talk to each other to keep us entertained. 

We’ve now stayed in 18 different airbnb’s and not experienced a single problem that wasn’t our own fault. Not having wifi is annoying, but the place is nice, and besides, we should’ve checked anyway. 

In fact, the only other problem we had was when we tried to book accommodation for our next destination, Barcelona. We selected our dates, but somehow they were changed and we ended up with a booking for the wrong dates. 

We cancelled with the host, but only got a 50% refund, so I contacted airbnb on Twitter today and they refunded is the other 50% straight away. 

Really, airbnb is a very good service. And I think it works based off a mutual trust. 

People trust us to stay in their houses and not rob them, or look in their underwear drawers, and we trust them to, you know, not kidnap us or something. And there’s the stuff in the news about how some airbnb listings are fake and scams, but honestly unless you’re a bit dense you’ll never have a problem with that. 

The quality of the places we’ve stayed in have been excellent, and the prices are decent when you compare them to the alternatives. 

All in all, airbnb is the way forward. 

Until tomorrow, where are you going?



2 thoughts on “Accomodate

  1. Sandy says:

    I didn’t realise that you stayed in people’s homes!!! I thought it was just places with stuff exclusively for you!! I’d find it very hard not to have a little peek…. just a teensy….xxx

    1. fillingmyblanks says:

      More often than not its someone’s second home, that they’ve bought exclusively to rent out as a second income I’d imagine. We’ve stayed in a few places that are clearly lived in though, dirty laundry and all! Xxx

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