October 21st 2015

Today I’m obviously going to make this post about Back To The Future, because today is the future day that Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown visit in BTTF2, but you’d already know that if you’ve opened literally any social media today. 

How I’m going to relate THAT day, to my day is thusly. 

In eleven days time I leave this life I am presently living, a life in which today I walked along the beach in Nice, The French Riviera and had a nice dinner made by a good chef and didn’t do much else. I leave this life, my present, and go back to England, and back to my future. 

I’ve just been travelling around for three months not really thinking about the future, and about what happens when I get back. I’ve just been living. 

When I get home my mum will probably give me about half an hour before 1) telling me to unpack, and then 2) telling me to get a job. 

Who knows what that job is gonna be? Me? I don’t. You? Probably not. God? Definitely not but let’s not go there. 

I could do banking, or finance, or accounting, I’m interested in publishing and editing and writing but writing isn’t a real job. Is it? 

Alice and I were talking a lot about jobs and stuff today, and how we have to decide what we want to do. And how we don’t want to decide what we want to do. 

I want to just travel around forever and not have to go back and get a job. I don’t know what is going to happen in the future. If I had some kind of almanac that could make me win a shit tonne of money then I wouldn’t even need to worry about a job. 

But I don’t have a DeLorean, and I don’t have an almanac. And to be honest…

Until tomorrow, I don’t have a fucking clue. 



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