October 18th 2015 

Today, as for the past four days, I don’t much feel like writing a post. I’ve now added to my growing list of symptoms ‘constant feeling of hair in throat’ and it’s driving me nuts trying to figure out if it’s a real hair or not. 

Apparently sometimes it’s just a hair sensation that arrives at the tail end of a cold, which is what this is. At first I didn’t know what it was in my throat, but once I decided it was a hair I could picture it perfectly. 

And it’s infuriating me. Someone told me to drink a glass of olive oil, so I did, and I think they were just fucking with me because it didn’t work. 

I’ve read all these home remedies and stuff as a solution to it, but none of them have worked. I think it’s in my head and now it’s getting to me but I can’t stop thinking about it. Every time I breathe or swallow or talk I notice it. 

If you know of any ways to get rid of it…

Until tomorrow, let me know. 



4 thoughts on “Throat

  1. Sandy says:

    Soluble aspirin if it comes back!! NO!! Don’t bash up an ordinary one!! Not the right texture!! Gargle, swallow and repeat at bedtime!! If it comes back, which we hope it doesn’t!!! Love you xxx

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