October 16th 2015

Today I am in better health than I was yesterday. Still hating life, though. 

I’m the worst at being ill, because I let myself be ill. I just sit there and let it engulf me and I forget what it was like three days ago when I didn’t have some flubugvirusthing. 

I was well enough to leave the house for a few hours, at least, and we did get to see some of Milan. There’s this Expo event on in Milan at the moment, some sort of agricultural party that’s €35 a ticket. Naturally, we’ve avoided that, but the streets are packed because of it, so there’s plenty going on outside of the event itself. 

 Milan seems nice, everything is really big here. The buildings, churches, shopping centres are all grandiose structures with massively high glass ceilings. 

The shops Prada and so are the people, it all feels expensive. 

We’ll see more tomorrow. I hope. 

Until tomorrow, good night Milan. 



One thought on “Milan

  1. Sandy says:

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better now darling, fluey viruses are very depressive SO you’re bound to feel low!! How is Alice? There seems to be lot of fountains in Milan!! Love you xxx

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