October 14th 

Today I’ve not been particularly well. Some kind of flu/fever thing. My temperature has been off the charts but I’ve had to wear layers upon layers because I feel so cold. I feel weak, and ill, and achey. 

And today we had to travel from Verona to Milan, which is less than ideal. 

Perhaps I’m just a little run down, perhaps my body has had enough of this travelling around. But my theory is that this has all been set off by the fact our last apartment had a treadmill and I went on a three mile run for the first time in two months. That may’ve used up every last bit of energy I have, I’ve wanted to do nothing but sleep since then. 

I hope this is a quick thing, and it won’t affect our plans too much. Because we have two weeks left of this trip. 

Until tomorrow, I intend to enjoy those two weeks. 



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