October 11th 2015

Today we visited the arena in Verona (I just tried to type “Veronan/Veronian/Veronese arena” before swapping the words around) and we saw a familiar site. (I’ve not spelt that word wrong, it’s a pun. Wait for it. )

We saw a construction site. (Now do you get it? Thanks.) In more than a few places this trip we’ve been to one of the big monuments and only been able to see some of it because the rest of it is covered in ladders, and scaffolding. 

The buildings around Pisa had scaffolding, the Trevi Fountain in Rome had been drained of all water and construction was under way making it more half pipe than fountain. And now the Colosseum (I think it’s still classed as colosseum) in Verona was half shut because there’d recently been a show there, dancing on ice or something, and the workers were taking down the chairs and the set and the stage and stuff. 

This is a hazard of doing this trip in late Summer/getting into Autumn. They do all the work in off peak season so they don’t piss off too many tourists. And because we’ve deliberately come around Europe during off peak season (it’s cheaper) then we’re stuck with all the scaffolding. 

Had we’ve left on our European trip earlier, we may’ve missed the building sites, but we’d have less money, and everything would cost more. 

So I can put up with a bit of scaffolding here or there if it makes this whole trip possible. 

Until tomorrow, I did want to see that fountain though. 



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