October 10th 2015

Today I got an unexpected notification on my phone. 


I mean, that’s pretty cool. At the start of this year I would religiously check how many views each of my posts got, and how many likes, how many views I got per month, which was my most popular post, how many people came to my blog through Twitter or through Google or through searching tags in WordPress. Now, not so much. 

Because I don’t write these so other people can read them. I write them for me. I write them because one day when my memory fades and all I am left with is blank spaces on blank pages I will have a complete documentation of my life on which I can look back. That’s kind of the logic behind ‘fillingmyblanks’ I don’t know if I’ve explained that before. Ironically, I’ve forgotten. 

It’s a diary. It’s a glorified diary that isn’t completely private. 

But it’s cool that on 1,000 occasions someone wanted to let me know that they enjoyed whatever it was of mine that they’d just read. 

I feel like I don’t use this site as I am supposed to, and that if I tried to I could get a bigger audience, I am quietly aware that some people can make income from this website. I am not a big self promoter, as I press the post button a link to the piece goes onto my Twitter automatically, and that’s about as far as I go in terms of trying to gain exposure. 

I’m just quietly plugging along, hitting the post button every day.

Today I took a break from writing about my travels, nothing much happened, it was a day where I move from one place (Venice) to another (Verona) so you’ve not missed much. 

Until tomorrow, thank you for reading. 



4 thoughts on “Like

      1. Sandy says:

        Thank you kindly sweetheart!! We love following you and Alice about!! I’m very sorry about your fountain tho!! You’ll just have to go back!!! Love you xxx

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