October 8th 2015

Today I saw every street in Venice. I saw every corner, every alley every bridge and every boat. And it only cost 8 euros. 

The lift to the top of the campanile bell tower in the St Mark’s square takes you to the only point in Venice that allows you to see it from above. It’s the highest point in the city. Here are four pictures, one from each side. 

Look how tiny those people look. 

The view is grand, it really is. I don’t really need to say anything else about it because a pictures worth a thousand words, apparently, and four thousand words on one bell tower is already far too many. 

Other than the campanile we wandered the streets looking for food. Because Venice is expensive we researched the best places to eat to avoid high prices, and they tend to be out of the way. So we walked the length breadth and width of the city trying to find this restaurant that the Guardian recommended. But it took us so long to get there that the restaurant was closed for an afternoon siesta. 

In the end we found somewhere just as good for a reasonable price, and to be honest it’s all much the same anyway. 

The other thing we did today was get on a bus. On the water. A waterbus, it was called. Funny, that. 

For €7.50 (pretty steep) you can get around the city by water. So we did that. To make the most of our money we jumped on a bus right at the start and then completed the circuit until we were right at the start again. The last stop, Lido, wasn’t technically in Venice anymore – that’s how long we were on the bus. 

Until tomorrow, get your money’s worth. 



3 thoughts on “Campanile

  1. Sandy says:

    What a very excellent idea!!! We didn’t do that!! Probably the wonky knees again!! We really liked Venice, You’re so right, it’s like nowhere else!! We did the water bus to murano and saw the glass blowing. Xxx

  2. Sandy says:

    WELL, I will have to go back!!! I’ll break the good news to grandad!! Thank you kindly. I should think Alice was pleased!! She’s done really well with all the steps!! Love you xxx

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