October 7th 2015

Today we got a bus, a tram and a people mover into central Venice. It turns out our campsite is further away than we anticipated but it’s still easy to get in and out of Venice. The glass walled people mover gave a great view on the at back. 

Venice is wonderful, it’s eery to see a city (is it a city?) so different from any other I’ve seen. There’s no cars, no bikes, just pedestrians and boats.  

It’s odd navigating a city that doesn’t have roads, or pathways, it’s literally just bridges and water. To walk one kilometre as the crow flies should take ten minutes. In Venice it takes twenty because walking one kilometre in a straight line isn’t possible. You have to go left and right and over a bridge and under a bridge, and down a side street. 

But it’s a wonderful place because of its eccentricity, it’s abnormality, it’s complete difference from anywhere I’ve been before. Amsterdam has canals but they have cars and bikes and buses. 

Venice has boats. Venice has water. And Venice has churches. 

You can get lost in the city so easily if you don’t have a map, or a phone, or at least adequate directional sense. And I didn’t get lost, I could just never figure out how to get from point A to point B by navigating the bridges. 

Architecturally, Venice has beautiful historic buildings that impress and inspire as well as long straight residential streets with tall terraced houses, and I love that kind of building work. If I could be bothered to connect my camera to my phone I’d show you some more pictures. But I can’t be bothered. So…

Until tomorrow, good night Venice. 




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