October 6th 2015

Today we arrived in Venice and made our way to the campsite. Yes, campsite. No, we aren’t camping. No, there’s no tent. Stop asking questions. 

For the previous *watch check* 7 weeks we’ve been travelling Europe we have stayed in strictly apartments found through airbnb. And we’ve had no problems whatsoever. In Venice, that wasn’t going to be an option. So we looked up this campsite that my cousin recommended and here we are. 

In a two berth cabin on stilts that has a bathroom and two beds and not a great deal else. Interestingly but irrelevantly it has the strongest and fastest wifi we’ve had on this entire trip. 

For the first time you could say that we are slumming it. And this isn’t even that bad, we had fresh sheets, towels and a sparkling clean bathroom welcoming us. It’s just there’s not much to it. 

Previously we’ve had living areas and kitchens and dining tables and the occasional balcony/terrace, here we don’t even have a fridge. The lack of, well, anything makes it pretty clear why this place is the cheapest nightly rate of anywhere we’ve stayed. 

At the start of the trip we explicitly said No Hostels because we didn’t want to sleep in a dorm with other, random, strange, people. So we’ve avoided hostels, but this campsite is different. We have our own private and secure cabin but the lack of a kitchen means that we can’t make our own food which is a tactic we have employed to save money. 

But we’re saving money on the actual accommodation, so you know… Swings and Roundabouts. Six and two threes. Every cloud. And all that. 

The campsite itself is dead, we’ve passed peak summer time and are now into the cold wet autumn where the pool is un-swam and the on site shop hasn’t sold a single bottle of sun cream. But the campus is alive at night, people crawl out from the shadows and I can hear loud dance music coming from the restaurant/bar/cafe/grill/club around the corner. 

And I’m stuck between wanting to go in to the club and sticking my head under a pillow. 

You see, that’s something we’ve missed out on by avoiding hostels: socialising. For eight weeks or whatever I said earlier we’ve had only each other for company, we’ve not met other travellers like we would’ve done had we have stayed in hostels for the duration. 

Until tomorrow, you meet few new people keeping yourselves to yourselves. 



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