October 5th 2015

Today we day tripped from Florence to Pisa to see that tower. So this post is going to be a description of my visit to the leaning tower of Pisa. 

First, a bit of history that I am going to copy straight from Wikipedia. 

The tower’s tilt began during construction, caused by an inadequate foundation on ground too soft on one side to properly support the structure’s weight. The tilt increased in the decades before the structure was completed, and gradually increased until the structure was stabilized (and the tilt partially corrected) by efforts in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Basically, they built this really big heavy tower on ground that couldn’t support it all the way around. And because of that, the tower started to fall over really really really slowly. It only got to like 5 degrees of tilt before they fixed it and un-tilted it a bit. It now has, apparently 3.99 degrees of tilt. 

When you first see the tower, you see the tilt. It’s obvious, and it looks more obvious that I actually thought it would. When I first saw it I was genuinely shocked at how tilted it actually was. 

Unless you want to pay €18 to walk up the tower (which I didn’t) then there isn’t actually that much to do when you’re there, but one thing I entertained myself with was watching people pose for that photo. 

Once you’ve looked at the tower and decided “yep, definite tilt” you have to find some other way of entertaining yourself, and this is hilarious. You see people try all different types of poses as they pretend to be holding the weight of the falling tower by the wonders of persceptive photography. 

Some pretend to hold the tower on the palm of their hands, some do group efforts and stand either side as their director of photography (the guy taking a photo with his iPhone in a selfie stick) positions their limbs appropriately. 

Everyone tries to out-do each other creatively. 

Me? Well, I just stand there and watch. Alice begged me to take a photo of her posing with it, but I was deliberately uncompliant.  

I’m glad I went because it’s one of those “gotta see it” monuments like the Colosseum and the Eiffel Tower, although it’s weird that I found more entertainment from the tourists than the thing which we had all flocked to see. 

Until tomorrow, lean on me when you’re not strong. 



6 thoughts on “Tilt

  1. Sandy says:

    Gosh soooo spooky – I thought exactly the same!! Watching the people was so good!! Mind you I was high on painkillers cos I’d hurt my back in the shower that morning!! €18!!!! What a rip off!!xxx

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