October 2nd 2015

Today I travelled from Rome to Florence, and after twenty minutes in Florence I could tell that I was going to like it. And that twenty minutes was spent in a taxi as the driver almost (but didn’t) hit every single pedestrian we met. 

Apparently there’s a bus strike today so we had to get a taxi to our apartment, and our apartment is in the town centre so the taxi driver had to dodge duck dip dive and dodge through the hoards of pedestrians walking on the car-streets. 

But the busy-ness, the little cluttered streets, the outdoor restaurants, it’s all very much my cup of tea. We dropped our bags off in the apartment and went straight out for dinner, a proper Italian pizzeria (although I had pasta) with a waiter who didn’t speak a word of English and had one of the best pasta dishes I’ve had. 

And after, we went for ice cream. – Gelato – and it was the best ice cream I’ve ever had for like the first two minutes and then it just got too chocolatey to be nice anymore. You see, the Italians are the first we have found use real Nutella in their products. And it’s strong. And there’s loads of it. And I said I wanted chocolate in my cone too, and it was just too much. 

You can always tell a good ice cream parlour by whether they use a scoop or a blade to portion it. (Hint: the good ones use a blade) 

I like Italy. I like Florence. 

Until tomorrow, only trust the blades. 



3 thoughts on “Gelato

  1. Sandy says:

    I had ice cream in Florence!!! Not chocolates tho!! Strawberry, VERY yummy!! We loved Florence, Michelangelos David was high on my gotta see list!! Didn’t disappoint!! OR the pasta!! Xxx

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