September 18th 2015

Today I’m on holiday. And I’ve technically been on holiday for the past month but that doesn’t count. That’s a not a holiday like today is a holiday. 

What’d I do today? I ate food, sat on the beach, swam in the sea, drank beer, ate food, had an ice cream and complained that it was too hot. 

That’s a holiday. 

I loved seeing all the wonderful, historic, famous thing that I have done in the first month of city-hopping, but who doesn’t love a beach holiday? 

It’s thirty degrees and my only problem in the world is that I don’t own a prescription pair of swimming goggles. It isn’t a bad life that I’m living right now. 

I don’t really want to leave Croatia, I’m kind of wishing I just came here for three months instead of seeing all that “memorable” “historic” “breathtaking” artsy fartsy crap. (I’m only kind of kidding)

But seriously, Croatia is brill. Come here as soon as you can, I’ll probably still be here. I can show you around. We can have £1.50 ice creams and swim in the sea. 

Until tomorrow, dobrodošao kući.



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