September 15th 2015

Today is the first day on this entire trip where my answer to the question “what did you do today?” is “absolutely nothing” 

You see, we had to stay in all day and wait for a parcel to arrive. Tomorrow we are going to a football match here in Zagreb so today we had to wait in to sign for the tickets when they arrived. 

So that meant that today we did absolutely nothing. I mean, we did some things, we put a load of washing on, we discovered that this apartment has a Play Station 2, we played Tekken on the PlayStation 2… 
In a way it was kind of nice to just take it easy for once, and have a day that didn’t involve hopping on and off trains and walking around cities, but also we went kind of stir crazy just stuck in the house doing nothing. 

We haven’t just done nothing in a long time, so we got bored. We even got bored of Tekken. I guess we’re used to the jet setter lifestyle (or whatever the train equivalent is called) now that we’ve been on this interrail trip for over a month. (Jesus) 

The good news is that the tickets arrived safely, which means we are definitely going to the match tomorrow night. 

Until tomorrow, be happy doing nothing. 



2 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. Sandy says:

    Brilliant, your dad must be SO relieved!! He was quite worried that something might go wrong!!!! Have a great time and we hope arsenal nail it, love you xxx

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