September 14th 2015

Today was our one day to explore Zagreb. Although we’re here for five nights we only really get one day for exploration/sightseeing. Yesterday we relaxed, today we explored, tomorrow we have to wait in for a parcel, Wednesday we are watching a football match and Thursday we leave, so we did all of or sightseeing today. 

Zagreb is nice, it’s cheap and pretty and hot. Basically the three things I look for in a destination. 

We walked up and down a set of steps that scaled a hill to get between ‘Upper Town’ and ‘Lower Town’, in upper town we had views of all of Zagreb, and we tried to go in to St Marks Church but it was seemingly closed. 

In Lower Town we walked around shops and high streets and got a nice lunch. (Eventually) 

What’s weird about Zagreb is the seemingly endless string of coffee bars. You walk down a central strip and you expect it to be littered with restaurants and places to eat, but in Zagreb no one seems to eat. They all seem to survive off a diet on strictly coffee and cocktails. 

Every other establishment is either a coffee shop or a cocktail bar or both. But there’s nowhere to eat. 

Everywhere we’ve been on this trip we’ve had our pick of restaurants, but Zagreb seems to be different. 

The bars don’t even do cakes or sandwiches, they literally just to drinks. Hot, cold, still, sparkling, fermented, unfermented (I’m assuming that’s the traditional opposite of ‘fermented’) 

It’s quite odd, really. 

We eventually found somewhere to eat, and were glad for the wait. Because the portion sizes are massive here, and the prices are tiny. 

Until tomorrow, I really like this place. 



One thought on “Cocktail

  1. Sandy says:

    Grandad said that when he was in Yugoslavia – as was – the workmen used to have beer with slivovitch chasers – pear brandy, very nasty!!! – at 7o’clock!! am !! Names may change, countries may split, but some stuff stays the same!!!

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