September 13th 2015

Today we’re in Croatia, Zagreb specifically. We’re in Croatia for the next two weeks, 5 nights in Zagreb, 4 nights in Split, 7 nights in Dubrovnik. (5+4+7 is more than two weeks, right? It’s been ages since I’ve done maths) 

Anyway, at the station last night we withdrew a boatload of cash because we’re here for so long. We got out 1,000 Croatian Kuna without really knowing how much that is because it’s the largest amount you could withdraw. 

I was fairly confident that the exchange rate was 10:1 Kuna:GBP because I remember my Grandad giving me 40 kuna and saying “don’t get too excited, that’s about four quid” 

Anyway, we went out for lunch today and I bought a pizza that was about 12″ in diameter (if you’re reading this as a resident of one of those very odd countries that use the metric system then 12 inches roughly converts to a fucking massive pizza) and that cost 36 Kuna. Which, as we’ve discovered, is about £3.60. That’s mad. 

Everything is so cheap here. The entire meal (my pizza, Alice’s pasta, my beer, two fizzy drinks, and two bottles of water) cost 136 kuna. £13.60. 

We went out for drinks tonight and had two cocktails each. £7.50 for four cocktails. That’s crazy cheap. 

Everything is so cheap that for the first time in my life I am doubting Google. 

But that’s what it says, right? I know I’ve not done any maths for a while but I’m pretty certain I can still divide by ten. 

36.00 Kuna is £3.60

75.00 kuna is £7.50

You know, just move the decimal point one to the left and cross out any redundant zeroes. This is really easy stuff, but I’m still doubting it. And I have a degree in Mathematics. 

It almost sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m not. I’m loving Croatia, mainly because it’s so cheap. And it was 26 degrees today. 

Until tomorrow, move the decimal point one place to the left.



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