September 11th 2015

Today was ruined by the clouds and those little droplet of water that fall out of a cloud when it gets too dense to hold any more (or something like that, I’m not a scientist) 

I can tell that I would really like Budapest, if I could see it. Today and yesterday the entire city has been cuddled up in this dirty grey blanket of cloud and fog. So we’ve not really been able to see as much as we’d like. 

We went up to the palace and the basillica and stuff, and we would’ve gone up the towers had it’ve been worth it. We saw little point in paying to climb the towers only to see nothing but grey outside of the windows. 

From where we were at the palace on the hill you could/can, on a bright day, see all over Budapest, and I love that kind of thing. And I would love Budapest, if I could see it. 

It’s annoying that my enjoyment of this place has been dampened (pardon me) by something out of my control, and by something not exactly preventable.

Still, being forced inside meant that we had a beautiful lunch (stew and dumplings is apparently a traditional Hungarian dish, just like mumma used to make), and we saw some wonderful churches and marvelled in disbelief at the decorative ceilings that were 5-600 years old but so detailed, and so precise, and so exquisite and I don’t know if that the right wotd to describe it but I’m going with it. 

Mad to think that something like this…

… was made using a hammer and a chisel on the roof of a huge church 500 odd years ago. 

Real mad. 

That kind of wonderment is part of the reason I’m here, on this trip. 

Until tomorrow, that and to get a tan. 



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