September 8th 2015

Today, all of this documenting of my life is becoming a bit too much for me. I just edited and uploaded three YouTube videos that took half an hour to an hour each. 

And in the past three days I have bought three cameras. And none of them work. (Or at least for what I want them to) the problem with the last two was that the file type was wrong. I bought one today that had the correct file type, but whenever I played video back there was this ticking/tocking noise in the background. And that’s not what I want. 

So tomorrow I have to get up at 9am to go and return my third camera this week. And it’s all very disconcerting and I just want to be able to sit here and say what a nice day I had at the zoo (because I did have a bloody good day at the zoo) but after the zoo all I’ve been doing is stressing about the camera that I’ve been so desperately trying to figure out for three days now. 

Everything is so much more difficult when you’re halfway around Europe. Because I can’t walk into a shop and ask someone for advice, because they haven’t a clue what I’m talking about unless I was fluent in German. So instead I just have to buy something, go home and test it, and if it doesn’t work, take it back. 

Luckily we’ve not missed out on too much in Vienna by going back and forth between camera shops, but I would like to stress that I had a very nice day at the zoo today. 

Until tomorrow, three is the magic number, right?



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