September 7th 2015

Today we saw Vienna for the first time. First thoughts? It’s not great. 

It doesn’t look like anywhere we’ve been so far on this trip and that’s for one reason: it looks like home. We headed to this shopping centre (for camera reasons) and the part of town it was in just looked like the High Street of my small English town back home, and I don’t live in a great town. 

Every place we go feels different from home but the same as each other. They feel the same because they’re different, if that makes sense. Which it doesn’t. But Vienna, or at least the bits that we saw, just felt like home. Which isn’t a good thing, although it sounds it. 

It was a bit… Skanky. Rough. There were some nice bits, or there could’ve been some nice bits of the buildings weren’t covered in scaffolding and the fountains didn’t have beer cans floating in them.

That’s one thing home doesn’t have: fountains. 

Until tomorrow, there’s plenty of beer cans though.



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