September 5th 2015

Today I did something I never do and bought myself a present. 

I bought a camera. 

It’s waterproof, shockproof, and has all these cool features, but the main cool thing it does is that it can record underwater. I got it cheap because Prague is cheap, and that’s why I bought it. 

Every day as well as a written blog I make a video blog about my days travelling, I’ve forgotten to link them on here pretty much every day but the first.

Anyway, the camera is going to make that a lot easier, because until previously I’ve just filmed everything with my phone. Which works fine, but it’s made difficult by the fact that my phone doesn’t have enough storage to hold a days worth of footage. And then it needs saving and exporting and uploading and my phone can’t hold all that data. It means I have to delete all the videos after I’ve edited them together, which means I lose a lot of moments that don’t make it into the edit. Which is annoying. And I take photos but have to delete them because I’ve run out of space. 

The camera is going to make everything a lot easier, and look a lot better.

YouTube is a platform upon which I have never created, I have only consumed. Until now, with this travel diary thing. 

Follow it here, if you wish.

Until tomorrow, smile for the camera. 



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