September 4th 2015

Today was a day that I’d imagined when I thought about travelling before I left. 

We got a train and a tram to an old castle, walked around it, learnt some stuff, took some photos, and then went to taste some of the local cuisine. 

In the shadow of Prague castle at the bottom of the hill lays a restaurant called “GoldenStar”, and the first thing we noticed about it was that it was cheap. 210kc for a main. (210 Czech Korun relates to about £6.50) 

So we went and sat down outside under a sun umbrella, and watched as people walked down the steps from the castle, or rode down the hill on Segways. 

I ordered “Czech beef goulash with potato rösti” which seemed to be Beef stew with hash browns, but whatever it was, it was amazing. I had the Goulash and two coffees and the whole meal cost me ten British pounds. 

And I was finally there. Three weeks in and I found my happy place. Sitting under a sun umbrella in the comfortably warm Prague sun, with a coffee, a good meal, and a pretty girl sat beside me. (Alice ordered the chicken) 

And it was bliss. 

I had nothing to worry about, no cares, no frets, nothing. And that’s why I came travelling. 

That, and views like this. 

It finally felt like I was there. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved the first three weeks, but it’s been all action, trying to pack everything in. We’re slowing down a bit now, and just doing what we enjoy at our own pace. 

And it just so happens that one thing we particularly enjoy, is eating great food at nice restaurants. 

Until tomorrow, try the Goulash.



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