August 30th 2015

Today will probably be the earliest I have posted a blog post in a while, if not ever. And the reason for that is because today I have a 16 hour train journey from Copenhagen to Munich. My train departs at 18:00 tonight and arrives at 08:00 tomorrow morning. This means that I will be travelling over night, without 3G the second I leave Denmark and enter Germany, so I’d be left unable to post a blog post. 

Hence why I am posting one now. 

Although one trouble of posting something at 3 o’clock in the afternoon is that it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and nothing interesting has happened to my day yet. 

We decided to spend this morning packing and cleaning and playing card games to kill the time because we don’t have (good) wifi here. So unless I write about how Alice somehow got a Royal straight (ten through ace) in her first ever hand of Texas Hold’em, then I don’t have much else about which I can write. 

Which is why today’s post, as well as being the earliest, will also be one of the worst. 

Until tomorrow, I’ll bring stories from Munich. 



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