August 28th 2015

Today we spent our first full day in Copenhagen. And, as seems to be a trend with this trip, we spent it on the water. We went on a guided boat tour of the city.

Copenhagen is really quite a beautiful place, it felt a bit like Amsterdam with its coloured houses and wide canals, which made perfect sense after we’d been on the tour and were told that King Christian the 6th visited Amsterdam, loved it, and came back and modelled bits of Copenhagen after it. 

I’m still quite confused by the money. One British Pound is worth, roughly, ten Danish Kroner. Which means the boat tour cost us 80 Kroner each. Which is only about £8 but it felt weird handing over a 100 note. It’s the same for food. A loaf of bread costs a tenner, here. 

That would take some getting used to, but I leave soon anyway. 

After the boat tour we found this nice park hidden in the middle of the city and ate lunch, still scorching hot. From there we walked around a bit, went into the Guinness World Records museum, and when we came out we were surrounded by water again. 

But this time it wasn’t below our feet, it was coming from above us. Basically, for the first time on our trip so far, it was raining. 

So we headed home, paid 50 kroner for a bus ride, and played card games. 

Until tomorrow, please don’t rain. 



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