August 27th 2015

Today we travelled from Hamburg to Copenhagen, our fifth country, and sixth city in fourteen days. 

Because it’s a long trip from Hamburg to Copenhagen (made longer by the fact that we couldn’t go direct, we had to change in Fredericia) my day was pretty much spent in a flux between (un)packing and being on a train. So I didn’t really get to see anything much noteworthy. But something interesting did happen. 

I’d learnt before we left that because we’re Interrailing, train companies might be a bit funny with us. (Basically because they’re not getting money directly from us) and today we experienced that first hand, for the first time this trip. 

The train conductor ticket collecting bloke came around and asked us for our tickets, which is fine, we’d filled out our interrail pass fully and correctly, so we showed him that. He was fine with the pass, but he then asked us if we’d reserved our seats. Which we hadn’t. 

And we hadn’t reserved seats because we were explicitly told at  Hamburg station that we didn’t need to for this particular train. This is why we didn’t go direct to Copenhagen, because the direct train required a reservation, and the one via a change in Fredericia didn’t. 

But the conductor told us we needed to reserve a seat. Even though we were already sat in a seat. And he asked us for €12 each. And that wasn’t okay with us. 

Because firstly, we’d checked. We didn’t HAVE to reserve a seat. 

And secondly, even if we did want to reserve a seat, it should only cost €4. 

So, because I’m a cynic that assumes every man is a selfish, and greedy one. I am assuming that the bloke was trying to con us. That he saw we had interrail passes, and assumed if he said we needed to pay then we would. And then he’d pocket the money himself. 

But when we questioned him on it, and said that we were explicitly told we didn’t need a reservation, he walked away without protestation. 

So, to me, something wasn’t right. 

Until tomorrow at least we didn’t have to pay. 



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