August 25th 2015

Today we travelled to Hamburg, leaving Berlin behind. I liked Berlin, I liked its identity crisis. 

It didn’t know whether it was this old, historic capital city, or this new,  modern, trendy city. There’s this contrast been the historic, grandeous design of the Reichstag, and the modern glass walled Topography of Terrors. 

The parts of the Berlin Wall that remain still contain the graffiti from 30 years ago. And the newer, designer holocaust memorial contains not a single blemish. 

It’s a city that changes at night, but we stayed in. So we didn’t get to experience any of that. 

Around the corner from the Berlin Wall is the Berlin Mall, opposite Brandenburg Gate is the Bayer pharmaceutical skyscraper, it’s all very old-new. 

But it works, and I enjoyed Berlin. 

The zoo was great, too. 

Until tomorrow, off to Hamburg. 



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