August 24th 2015

Today we visited Berlin Zoo. And it was a very good zoo. 

I had that ethical debate (RE: zoos) with myself, as I always do when I visit such a place. Today I was erring on the side of “This is a business. This is not a sanctuary.”

But anyway, I’ve written about that before. (Link here unless I forget which I probably will so just ignore this sentence) 

The zoo was great fun, the sea lion show was better than any I’ve ever seen in England, and the aquarium was particularly impressive. The ‘habitats’ (cages) of some of the larger animals were on the small side of comfortable, but, again, that’s an ethics discussion that I don’t want to have right now. 

Today I was just a consumer at an amusement, and I enjoyed it. 

At €15 it was reasonably priced, as well. Considering it was the only thing we did today, and we were there for about 7 hours, it was great value for money. 

In Amsterdam we paid €8 to get into a museum that we were in for twenty minutes max, so I was more than happy to pay €15 for a whole days worth of zoo. 

Other than the canal pedal boat ride in Amsterdam, this was probably my favourite thing we’ve done on this interrail trip. 

Until tomorrow, we’re tempted to go to the Copenhagen zoo, too. 



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