August 23rd 2015

Today I learnt some stuff. 

At school I was always good at English, Maths, and Science. I was never any good at the humanities subjects like geography, religious studies, and, particularly, history. I chose to drop history after year nine and as such I never learnt about either of the World Wars. 

Today I am in Berlin, and being the capital of Germany, you can imagine that there’s a fair amount of war memorial stuff here. I learnt today that the Berlin Wall did not actually have anything to do with either World War. It was in fact to do with the Cold War, which is a whole other syllabus of GCSE history. 

Germany, and particularly Berlin, is weird when it comes to the war. Like, I didn’t learn THAT much today, but I know that the Germans were kind of sort of not so nice to everyone during the war. But they have all these museums and monuments reminding, and teaching, and reminiscing about the war. 

It’s almost like a “yeah, we know we fucked up back then, but we’re really sorry about it” 

They have the holocaust memorial in the centre of town, a permanent reminder of the countries biggest ever ‘mistake’ for lack of a better term.  

They have the topography of terror, a museum solely dedicated to telling the entire story of World War 2. 

I just found it very strange that they were so… Upfront? About everything. 

Until tomorrow, I guess that’s better than just pretending it didn’t happen. 



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