August 22nd 2015

Today we left Amsterdam and arrived in Berlin. 

Here is a quickie review of Amsterdam. 

I liked it. I liked the interconnected canals that ran through the entire city, I liked sitting on the canal bank and watching the boats float by, my favourite part of my time in Amsterdam was renting a pedal boat and seeing Amsterdam from the water. 

I liked the fact that due to us being in Amsterdam during “SAIL Amsterdam” there were thousands of boats of all shapes and sizes in the main harbour, I didn’t like the fact that that meant there were millions of people of all shapes and sizes in Amsterdam itself. 

The city felt so busy, we had to keep creating shortcuts to avoid the crowds, which just led to us getting lost. 

It’s a kind of counter-balance, I’m happy we were there during SAIL because the boats, and the fireworks, and the night time concerts gave us – a more… Dignified couple – a nightlife of our own, away from the perversities (no idea if that’s a word or not, but it is now) of the red light district and its surrounding, greener, areas. 

It’s a shame that the boats brought so many people with them, but I guess someone has to drive them. (Do you drive a boat? I’m not sure) 

Amsterdam itself was the most expensive place we’ve been to. Each museum we went to (NEMO, Sex, Anne Frank) cost about €8. A bus ride cost €3, but we found a “Jumbo Food Markt” that provided cheap, freshly made food, so eating wasn’t too expensive, but we blew money on the museums and stuff. 

The best part of Amsterdam, for me, was just sitting with your feet dangling over the edge of the canal, and letting the world float on by. 

Until tomorrow, let it float. 



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