August 19th 2015

Today we travelled from Brussels to Amsterdam, day 5 of Interrailing. 

We didn’t see any more of Brussels today, as we left quite early. But when we got to Amsterdam we just had a chilled evening walking around the town centre. 

And when I see “chilled” I mean as chilled as one can be around 1.5million people. 

This week in Amsterdam there is something called “Sail Amsterdam” which is basically this event they hold once every five years where hundreds and thousands and probably hundreds of thousands of boats sail through Amsterdam. 

We didn’t know about this event before booking our accommodation but it explains why there was 1) barely any, 2) barely anything cheap. 

Sail happens once every five years and it just so happened to be the week that we were here. 

It’s a blessing and a curse, really. Because although it’s really cool to see all the boats, and there’s a lot more going on, there is A LOT of people about. 

Amsterdam itself is lovely though, we didn’t head any where specific tonight, we just strolled along the rivers and watched all the boats. 

We finished the night with some fireworks over the river. 

Until tomorrow, set sail. 



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