August 18th 2015

Today we had our first, and only, full day in Brussels. How it’s worked out is that we have to be in Amsterdam by 5pm tomorrow, which means we have to leave Brussels at 1pm. Which means we have to leave the apartment at 12. Which means we don’t have time to see any more of Brussels tomorrow other than that of it which is on the way from our apartment to the station. 

So today we saw as much of Brussels as we could. We went to this thing called “Grand Place” which is apparently the historical centre of Brussels, we went there, and it was a lush building, but we couldn’t get in it. 

We paid €3 to get into this Museum that probably would’ve been really interesting if I spoke either French or Dutch, but without fluency in either of those we didn’t know what was going on. 

The one memorable thing about the museum was also the strangest. There was this entire room full of the same statue dressed up in different outfits. But the weird thing was the each outfit had a hole in its crotch and each statue was holding its own ceramic penis. (Literally a sentence I never thought I’d write) 


Due to the French/Dutch thing I wasn’t able to find out what in the name of Christ was going on, but I found it ironic that the statue was named “Pis”. Come to think of it, that could be more relevant than ironic. 

From there we hopped on a train to a place called Heysel to see the Atomium, which is a weird looking science museum/art exhibit type thing. 

You climb up multiple sets of stairs to traverse between each atom, and each ‘ball’ contains a different exhibit/installation, and at the very top is a panoramic 360• degree view of Brussels. 

That seems to be our intentions for this Interrail trip, find a tall place so you can see all of the city at once without the hassle of going to the individual places. 

Next door to the Atomium we could see “mini europe” which is a small 3D model of all of Europes monuments. 

We joked that we could’ve saved a bunch of money on this eurotrip by just going to minieurope and getting a selfie with all of the monuments. 

Until tomorrow, we’re only here for the selfies. 



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