August 11th 2015 

Today was very possibly my last shift at the place I have worked for over five years. 

It’s only very possible because I don’t know if I will return there after I return from travelling. This European train trip is supposed to signal the end of my adolescence/studenthood and take me into the real world where people wear suits and get the tube to work. 

So when I get back from travelling I won’t want to go back to the place that I’ve been working at since I was 16. 

But when I get back from travelling I will be poor and will probably (possibly) end up going back there just because I know they’d have me back, and I could make quick and easy cash. 

They’ve always let me come and go as I please, and that’s one of the reasons that I’ve stayed there for so long. When I went off to Uni they’d have me back over Christmas, when I went back to Uni in January they’d have me back at Easter. They’d let me do a weekend shift here or there if I needed to. 

Plus the money is good and the work is pretty stimulating. 

It was weird saying goodbye to people with whom I have worked for months and years. Some friendships I made there will survive and outlast my travelling, but others were superficial and I will probably never see some of them again. Which is a weird thought. 

I have literally been at the store for longer than anyone else who is currently there. I have seen every one come, and everyone leave. But I always stayed. 

Until tomorrow, now it’s my turn to leave. 



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