August 8th 2015

Today I went to a wedding. I’ve been to a wedding before, but I can’t remember what it was like. I didn’t go to the ceremony bit today, I just went to the party bit. And as lovely as it was, that’s all that it felt like. A party. 

I can’t imagine my own wedding for one reason. I can’t imagine being the person (one of two people) in the centre of the dance floor with everyone watching them. That’s not me, I’m not the person in the middle. I’m the person on the outside clapping respectfully and trying not to be noticed. 

I can never imagine paying all of that money to make myself the centre of the circle. Unless I had a lot of vodka inside of me. 

But it was nice to celebrate love tonight. To celebrate forever. 

Until tomorrow, forever is a funny concept. 



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