August 6th 2015

Today I had a really lovely evening playing golf with my Dad. It was nice to just go out and have fun, and not worry about work, or prepping for travelling, or anything. I just had fun. 

It was helped by the fact that we played under a stunning sunset, but hindered by the fact that I played like crap. My swing was bad but at least the scenery was good. 

Dad trounced me, I was five shots behind after the first hole. So it was an uphill battle from thereon (no idea if that’s a word or not). It made it slightly less enjoyable that I was losing, but when I’d accepted that I definitely wasn’t going to win then I could just enjoy what holes we had left. 

I’d’ve taken more photos but, shockingly for an iPhone, my phone battery was dead. 

It was just about dusk (that’s the nighttime one, yeah?) by the time we’d finished, so we could barely see a thing. Dad still outplayed me, though. 

I had a great time.

Because neither of us are ever free at the same time this was technically my Father’s Day treat for my dad, so…

Until tomorrow, happy Father’s Day, father. 



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