August 7th 2015

Today my girlfriends dad mocked up a map for the different destinations that we will visit when her and I go travelling. 

In a week. 

13 countries, 26 cities, 3 months. 

Seeing it mapped out like that it all starts to look very real. And what I immediately notice is that Europe is very big. The UK is not particularly big and I only spend my time in the south to south west part of it, Europe is pretty massive and I’m going to see all of it. (Apologies to Eastern Europe, Most of Scandanavia, Turkey, and Greece) 

There is an almost circular motion to our movement around the continent, it’s close to being clockwise apart from a few up and down bits around Italy and the trip into Denmark. 

It is one week until we leave, in exactly seven days from now I will be (probably/hopefully) asleep in an apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. 

But today I’ve just finished literally the longest work shift I have ever done. I started at 9am this morning and worked until Midnight (with some rounding). A 15 hour shift. And today has been a long and hard day, naturally. But I have three months of good days to look forward to, and that’s why I’m putting myself through 15 hour days now. To get me through 90 days in Europe. 

Until tomorrow, I’m getting in the map. 



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