August 4th 2015 

Today I (we) did some more planning/booking for my (our) European interrail travelling trip. We booked accommodation for the next three destinations taking us up to a total of six destinations booked. 

After that, I looked further into how the interrail pass itself actually works and I discovered/remembered that some trains will require reservations to use. 

Basically, the interrail pass gets us on any train but for some of them we have to reserve a seat. This can cost anywhere from 2 to 20 €. Which is an added expense I hadn’t really though about/accounted for. 

Fortunately we only really occur the fees when we’re coming into/leaving/travelling around France, Italy or Spain. Which is only 3 of 13 countries. 

Unfortunately we’re in Italy for about a month, and we’re going to seven different places within it, so we’ll face a fair amount of reservation fees there. 

Other than that unexpected surprise the planning is coming on alright. What I need is a day off where I can sit down and just read everything that I need to know, watch videos, read blogs, get some questions answered. And resolve my own personal reservations. 

It is now 10 days (9 when it passes to midnight) until I (we) leave, and I still feel quite overwhelmed by the enormity of the trip. But as the countdown clocks closer to zero my anxiousness is being replaced with excitement even if I am still left daunted by the amount I still have left to do. 

Until tomorrow, I have my reservations. 



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