August 3rd 2015

Today at work (waiter, restaurant) I made an… Interesting discovery. 

Because I’m saving like mad to pay for my European interraiing trip that starts in 11 days I’m constantly trying to figure out how far off my monetary goal I am. So for this reason I make a note of every single minute I work so I know what I can expect from my upcoming payslip, and this will help me work out how close I am to my target.

Today I checked the times I’d written down on my phone against the times that were on the time cards. There were discrepancies. Whatever it says on the time cards is what you’ll get paid for, but on a couple of my shifts it seemed like my clock out time had been rounded down. 

For example, last Monday I wrote down that I finished at 17:40, as in, that was the exact time that I clocked out. But the time card on the computer said that I clocked out at 17:00. So there’s 40 minutes lost. And when I looked further, I’d been rounded down another few times as well. All in all I’d been docked about an hour and a twenty minutes of pay in one week, just from someone (my manager) rounding down my clock out time every shift. 

An hour and twenty minutes is almost £9 of wage. £9 isn’t much, but it’s £9 that I worked for, that I deserve, that I am entitled too. 

And here’s the thing, when I mentioned it, suddenly, naturally, obviously, the other people on shift were intrigued to see if a similar thing had happened to them. 

And it had, only worse. 

One girl had done a seven hour shift completely unpaid. The time card said she clocked in at 17:42 and clocked out at 17:42. Now in our job, our clock in cards are the cards we also use to enter orders at the electronic point of sales, and if you’re not clocked in, then you can’t do that. So that means she had to be clocked in for that shift, she couldn’t’ve forgotten, else she wouldn’t’ve been able to enter any orders. 

So what happened was that my boss had gone back and just deleted her whole shift, and hoped she wouldn’t notice. That’s a seven hour shift. That’s almost £40. 

That’s not on. 

He wasn’t the manager on duty tonight so no one had confronted him yet, but we will. Because out of the four of us that checked, three of us had issues with the time cards. 

I had the rounding/docked hours. And the other two were docked entire shifts. 

I’d imagine the reason he’s doing this is to reach some kind of “hours flexed” target, which means that he gets a bonus. Selfish prick. 

But now we’ve discovered it, things are going to get messy and he won’t get away with it. 

Until tomorrow, shit is about to hit the fan. 



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