August 2nd 2015

Today was a pretty good day. It was busy, and it was long, but it was good. I started it by going into town with my girlfriend and taking the time to sort out some of the last few remaining things we have to do before we leave for travelling in 12 days. 

I got a European cash passport/travel money thing, and I got a European phone contract. I also got a new hat but that’s not nearly as important. 

After that I went to the pub with my sister and my Dad and watched live competitive football for the first time in three months. And also: for the last time in three months. I haven’t seen my sister in a while, and the team I support won, so that was a happy trip. 

Then I raced home (as fast as I could with my Dad in the passenger seat) and raced back out to go to my girlfriends house and then we went and watched her dads band perform at a festival on a farm somewhere. 

Today was just a really good day, I have no specific stories to speak of, or tales to tell, it was just a good day with the various members of my family. 

Until tomorrow, I’m tired now. 



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