July 31st 2015

Today I did that thing where I woke up and then went to work for twelve hours and then only just got home five minutes ago. I’m also repeating today, tomorrow. 

If you noticed, or if you didn’t, the opening paragraph of today’s blog is word for word the same as the opening paragraph from yesterday’s blog. That’s because all my days are the same at the moment. They all start and end in the same place, and I’m always in the same place during the middle. 

I work. And I work at a restaurant. And I work. 

The only, notable, thing different about today was this one little story. This one little story had me shocked. 

I served this man and his little girl, he was about 35, she was about 7. They ordered, the little girl did some colouring in, they ate their food, and then they left. And they left without paying. 

The Dad wandered outside for a bit, and we can’t stop him doing that. If he wants to go outside for a smoke then he’s allowed to. He left his daughter, his phone, wallet and keys inside. But then his daughter snatched up his phone, wallet and keys and ran straight out of the door. We didn’t see them again. 

Dine and dash. Eat and run. Runner/Hoax. We had to cancel their bill, as they’d ran out without paying. That doesn’t happened too often, occasionally someone will underpay by a few quid, either accidentally on intentionally, but actual runners come around once in a blue moon. (Ironically, and I mean, VERY ironically, in the UK tonight there is a blue moon. That’s weird.) what was weird about this runner was the little girl. 

This father, this grown man, this adult had trained his little girl how to run out on meals. She was no older than seven. She had pigtails and she was drawing a superhero on her activity book. And then she participated in a theft. 

They seemed like a pretty normal family, they didn’t seem like THAT kind of family. But how much can you ever tell about a person in an hour window? 

How bad must their financial situation be to warrant doing that? It was £30 for the two of them. They’d splashed out on starters and desserts. Although it’s not really ‘splashing out’ if you have no intention of paying for it. 

I wondered whether the little girl knew the full severity of what she’d done, or whether she thought she was just playing a game with her dad. But she knew what she was doing. She picked up his things and bolted through the door. 

Until tomorrow, her dad taught her how to do that. 


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