July 29th 2015

Today, for the first time in my living memory I gave up on reading a book. I started Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird in January, and today I gave up on it. It has never taken me this long to read a book before, reading it was a struggle, a hassle a chore. I just didn’t enjoy it, I didn’t care about it, and it was putting me off reading. And I love to read. Today I somehow found myself with a free evening, so I chose to spend it reading. Except I didn’t want to read Mockingbird. So I didn’t. Instead I started, and will have finished by the time I sleep, reading Lord Of The Flies.

I’ve read a lot of good books, and a few bad ones, and I’m not saying that To Kill A Mockingbird was bad, but it was just not interesting to me. I found it annoying to read because of the 1920’s English/Dialect, and the story, at least up to as far as I’d progressed, wasn’t really going anywhere. There was nothing about it that made me care about what happened on the next page.

In fact, it has taken me so long to read Mockingbird that Harper Lee has written, and released a sequel novel to it. 50 years after publication of the original. I felt that I owed it to literature to finish Mockingbird, that’s why I asked for a list of ‘classic’ novels for Christmas, because I wanted to read classic literature, literature different to what I usually read.

The good news is that Flies is much better at keeping my attention, in an hour I read more pages of Flies than I did in six months of trying to read Mockingbird. I’ve always read in phases; I’ll binge read for a few weeks and consume, like, 12 books in a fortnight, and then I won’t pick one up again for six months. At the start of the year I read Catcher In The Rye in about 5 hours and then the next day I started Mockingbird. And that was the end of my reading phase. Until today, it seems. Although today will only be a one off, I fear. I don’t get a lot of free time any more.

That’s why, even though I have to get up in 10 hours to work a 12 hour shift, I will finish this book before I go to sleep.

Until tomorrow, kill the pig.



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