July 27th 2015

Today at work I served one of my old teachers from school, which is weird enough, but it also happened to be my favourite teacher, or, at least, the one that I got along with the best. 

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen her since I left school, though. Actually pretty much a year ago I went into my old school to visit her, because I wanted a favour. 

This teacher was my English teacher, and I wanted her to read and edit my novel. I actually wrote a blog post about it, and if I can be bothered to scroll back that far to find it then I will link it here. (If not I’ll just make that a hyperlink to a cute bunny rabbit or something) 

This time last year I had an entire summer off, with no commitments. So I was pressing to advance into the next  phase with my novel, I’d had a few peers (my mum) read it, but I needed someone literary, someone more qualified to read it. Basically I wanted her to read it and tell me if I was good enough. 

She was always harsh, honest and fair with me, so I knew I could count on her to give me her actual opinion and not just tell me what she knew I wanted to hear “it’s fucking wonderful, James. You’ll do great things, and you won’t even have to work hard for it.” 

She was flattered and honoured that I thought of her, and we spoke about it over text for a few weeks afterwards. And then she stopped replying and I hadn’t heard from her until I saw her today. 

She asked me “how’s the book?” And I said, rather harshly, “it’s not really advanced much since the last time we spoke and you stopped replying to my texts.” 

She said she was sorry, and was ashamed that she never got around to it. But I understood, she was starting a new job at a new school soon, and she’s just spent a whole school year marking and reading kids work, she didn’t need another kids work to mark. 

Today she told me that she really will read it, so I’ll text her again at some point. Because maybe this is what I need to restart the process. The problem is that in three weeks time I leave the country for three months, but maybe that’ll give her time to read it. 

It’s true what I said, that nothing’s really changed with the book since we last spoke about it. I’ve edited it a fair bit, but that’s what I want her to do for me, and the only things I’ve really written are these daily posts. 

Hopefully this is the break I need to kickstart the process again. 

Until tomorrow, the love kickstarts again. 



2 thoughts on “Kickstart

  1. Eleanor Dix says:

    I hope she reads it this time, and realises it takes a lot of guts to hand your baby over. May I suggest you don’t, however, pin everything on her response. Believe in yourself. Start writing the next book. Be excited you’ve decided to be a writer. Because that’s what you are 😊

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