July 26th 2015

Today I owe a lot to a random man.

Story time.

I served this family at work (waiter – restaurant) and everything was normal, they ate, I took his payment, they left. Half hour later he comes back into the restaurant and tracks me down. He says he went to get his credit card out of his pocket to pay for something in Matalan, and he found the card receipt that I’d given him after taking his payment.  “You only charged me 31p” he said, showing me the card receipt that read “£00.31”

He’d noticed that I’d massively undercharged him (his bill was £31.00, I must’ve not put the zeroes somehow) and he came back in to pay the rest.

What an incredible bloke. You see, had he not done that, come the end of the night I would’ve counted all the the card slips during cashing off and realised my mistake, and realised that I was £30 down. And then I would’ve had to pay the difference myself. Because it was my fault that that happened. I’d have to repay the money because it was my mistake that cost the company.

So by him coming in, he saved me £30.

I’d like to think that I would do the same thing in that situation, the honourable thing. Because it’s not like I’m losing anything. The bill he should’ve paid was £31. And that’s what he eventually did pay. He’s not lost anything. But he’s saved me so much. And that’s how I’d look at it.

I’m thankful that there are good, honest, honourable people like him. And I’m thankful that the one time I make this mistake, it was him that I made it with. Because I don’t think most people would’ve come back.  I’m lucky that he didn’t drive right home after he left, I’m lucky that he needed his card and found the slip, I’m lucky that he came back, I’m lucky that he was such a good guy.

Maybe the entire human race aren’t all selfish, greedy and horrible people.

Until tomorrow, maybe there are some good ones left.



4 thoughts on “Honour

  1. iwillnotliveinvain says:

    I like to think more people than not would do that… I’ve done similar before. (like once I bought the pricier version of an item, but was charged for the cheaper version… came back in 30 minutes later once I realized and paid for the rest.) But alas… you’re probably right the majority don’t do such things.

    1. fillingmyblanks says:

      Actually, the day before this I gave a customer the wrong (significantly cheaper) bill, and they looked at it and went along with it before I realised.
      I’d love to think that the majority of people did the honourable thing, but maybe I’m just distrustful.

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