June 22nd 2015

Today I made a spreadsheet, and I don’t see any real reason why I wouldn’t want to post a picture of it on the internet, so here it is.Capture12312

This spreadsheet documents my finances for my European train trip. It relies on the fact that I am going for three months and want to start with £5000. From there it works out how much I can spend per day on average.

What it gives me is that I can spend £40 per day, and that has to get me accommodation, food and spending money. I keep going back and forth in my head over whether £40 seems like a lot or not. Immediately you have to take away £20 a day for somewhere to sleep. So that leaves £20 for food and activities.

Now because we’ve decided to stay in apartments rather than hostels, that means that we have access to a fridge, a microwave, and a stove in most places that we go. This means that we can cook/prepare our own meals. Which is going to save us a helluva load of money.

This makes me think that we do have enough money per day. I think it’s the exchange rate that throws me. I see £20 and think that that’s not much, but then I convert that into euro’s and it’s almost €30, which seems like a far larger amount even though it is literally the exact same amount of money. Exchange rates are weird.

I’m slightly happier about my finances now that I’ve made the spreadsheet, last night I was panicking a bit that I wasn’t going to have anywhere near enough money and that I’d have to cut the trip short by a month (incidentally, this would give us an average daily spend of £68/€90 which is a ridiculous figure) But now that I’ve worked it all out I’ve seen that it’s more manageable than expected. And anyway, I’ve been a student for the last three years. I’m used to living off of bread and sauce-less pasta.

Because we’re booking everything through airbnb I looked at a few possible places for further on during the trip, and in places like Budapest and Croatia accommodation costs like £11 per night, so that gives me an extra tenner per day to spend on food. The main problem is that I was working everything out for the first three places we go to: Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam. Paris and Amsterdam are going to be some of the most expensive places on the trip, especially as we’re there in peak of summer. By the time we get to Croatia in late September we’ll have forgotten all about the money worries we had at the start of the trip.

Until tomorrow, that’s what I’m telling myself.



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