July 21st 2015

Today I spent the evening with my eyes focused on a computer screen. My girlfriend Alice and I arranged to spend tonight furiously trying to plan and book the first four stops of our interrail trip around Europe this summer. 

And we did that. 

Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin. We have a place to stay (awaiting confirmation, technically) in all four of those places. Those four almost spans the first two weeks of our trip, which makes us about one sixth done in terms of booking accommodation for our three month journey. 

We’ve decided to use airbnb and stay in privates homes/flats/apartments rather than sleeping in hostels, because we want the comfort of a double bed, a kitchen, a private bathroom, and the security of your own place. 

An apartment means we can cook our own food, clean our clothes, leave our valuables safe, plus we don’t have to share a room with random people. 

We are just more apartmental. (Not a word, probably) 

At the moment I am still not excited or scared or nervous, my emotions are hidden by the pile of things I still have to do before I go that I haven’t even thought about, the largest of which being to earn a small fortune so I can afford to find this trip as fully as I can. 

Tomorrow I have a rare day off work, so I’m going to spend it doing as much planning and spreadsheeting and researching as I possibly can, and then hopefully it’ll start to feel real. 

I’m so glad we’re doing this, and it will truly be an incredible trip. It’s just a lot of hassle right now. 

Until tomorrow, I never thought it would be easy. 



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