July 17th 2015

Today my passport arrived in the post. Which means that I am officially going travelling this summer. That was the only thing left that was stopping me. I could make all the lists and plans and maps that I wanted, but without a passport none of it meant anything. And now I have a passport. So now it means something. 

I can’t remember if I’ve said it before on this blog but the reason I’ve had to send away for a new passport is because I lost my old one. At some point between going skiing in January and moving house in June it stopped being in the place that I thought that it was and started being in some other place. 

So it’s kind of a pain that I had to lose £80 to replace it because of my own carelessness, but that’s just how I am… 

There is now nothing stopping me from leaving the country for three months and jumping on a train around Europe. Well, apart from about £3,000… At some point I’ll need to sit down and work out my finances. Because now that I am physically able to go, I need to make sure that I am financially able also. Which is why out of the past 72 hours I’ve worked 36 of them, and I’m doing another 12 tomorrow. 

Because now nothing can stop me. I’m going. I’m going. 

Until tomorrow, I’m gone. 



3 thoughts on “Passport

  1. jenn says:

    Yikes! Before I left for Asia I was working in hospitality in Oz, doing similarly bonkers hours. I’d tally my weekend hours and convert them into a percent describing my life, whenever someone complained about how tired they were. Keep your eye on the target, but don’t burn yourself out!

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