July 13th 2015

Today you can pronounce the title as either the noun or the verb form of the word ‘graduate’. As in, I am a graduate. And today I graduated. 

Graduation was… Long. It was hassle, it was stress. I had to be up early and no one knew what was going on. No one knew where to be or what to do or when you were supposed to be there. It was disorganised. Or, at least, I was. 

But overall it was a good day, I don’t like dressing up and having photos and today was pretty much all about dressing up and having photos. Oh, and also there was a handshake with some geezer in a funny hat at one point. 

To me the graduation ceremony isn’t a celebration of the culmination of my degree, it is a signifier of the end of it. Because now it’s over I am not a student any more. Now I have to worry about “real life” and “work” and “jobs” and other scary four letter words. 

The guy giving the speech said it was not the end of a chapter, it was the beginning of one. And with that I disagree. 

Until tomorrow, it’s the end of a chapter. 



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