July 11th 2015

Today I’m being spontaneous. After a shift at work I had a text asking if I wanted to go out tonight. And I had no reason to say no. In fact I think my exact words were “I wouldn’t be against it.” 

I’ve been saving cash religiously for my travels this summer, but I had a pretty successful day at work tips-wise so I afforded myself the priveledge of a night out with a group of friends that I don’t see often. 

Because I’m old as fuck now it’s more of a “couple of drinks” night out than a “let’s get fucking plastered” night out, so I bought an 8-pack of beer because beer is more sophisticated than Vodka or Cider, right? 

Anyway, I bought some Carling and it turns out I really don’t like Carling. Ive had three of them and there’s still five left in the fridge that I’m gonna have to leave for my dad because the Taxi is outside. 

Maybe I’m not old enough to start drinking beer yet.

Until tomorrow, someone get me a vodka orange. 



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