July 10th 2015

Today I had the evening off work so I spent it with Alice and together we made a huge dent in the planning of our eurotrip. 

We shortened our list of places to visit, and whilst she looked for hostels and accommodation, I looked for train routes and our own personal route around Europe. I amended our previous route to minimise the amount of changes we’d have to make on each train journey. It’s pretty mad that I can get a train directly from Hamburg to Copenhagen, across country borders and the sea but if I wanted to get to the south coast of England by train from where I live now I’d have to get about four transfers and changes. 

Essentially I now have a list of, generally, where we will be at what day/point of our trip. For example, off the top of my head I could tell you that on the day of my birthday we will be on a 12 hour train journey from Split, Croatia to Venice, Italy. (We may have to rethink that) 

But for the entire three months I have an idea of our route, destinations, and time stayed in each destination. My list ends two weeks before our actual interrail train passes expire, but that allows us to add extra places, or stay longer in some places. 

We plan to book the first four hostels/accommodations before we leave, and then make sure we have the next cities accommodation booked before we arrive, that way we’ll never get to a city and have nowhere to stay. 

At the moment our planning is just sheets and sheets of lists. To-do lists. Route lists. Hostel lists. Food lists. List of lists that we still need to create (I made that last one up) and at some point the lists will have to transmute into actual bookings and reservations. 

Until tomorrow, it’s starting to seem real. 



5 thoughts on “List

      1. floridatravelers says:

        The scenery is quite beautiful, going through the Danish countryside. The train goes onto the boat, then you have to get off of the train while the boat crosses. There are restaurants shops and even gambling machines on the boat. We then went on from Hamburg to Berlin

  1. sunaholic says:

    hey, i love your blog! this trip looks like it’s going to be amazing! i just started out my blog & i would be stoked if you could check it out and give me feedback! im looking forward to more of your posts!
    -cristina ☼

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