July 8th 2015

Today my phone is broken. Which is annoying. And when I say broken I don’t mean cracked like in the header photo, I mean it fully won’t turn on, and on the odd occasion that it does it is non-functioning. A broken phone is annoying for most people, but for me it’s nearing unbearable. I’m not afraid to admit that I am pretty much glued to my phone most of the day. I’m constantly consuming information and media on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, so it’s pretty weird not picking up my phone every 2 minutes and flicking through twitter. But I can deal with that. I can’t even check twitter on my laptop because I have a two-step authenticator on my account that means I need to confirm every attempt at a sign-in. And the way I confirm that is through my phone. I can’t remember why I set that up.

What I cannot deal with is what I will lose if my phone turns out to be completely fucked. On iPhone’s there is a “notes” app where you can, well, write notes… I don’t know why I bothered to explain that… anyway, I’m a writer, or at least I am trying to be, so when I’m out and about if I get some kind of idea for either a new book, or something to do with a book that I’ve already written, I immediately write it in my notes to expand on it later. And then I expand on it later and it becomes somewhat of a ‘plan’. This happens a lot. And right now I’m losing all of that. Which is annoying. I’m losing pictures, and messages, and notes, and webpages that I’ve saved for later viewing.

A broken phone means I can’t go for a run tomorrow morning. Because I won’t have Spotify or Nike+ Running to guide me through it. How will I know how far I’ve gone and how will I know how fast I’ve run and how will I run without music? I am completely reliant on my phone even down to something as primal as running.

What’s also annoying is the cost. It’ll cost me a lot to either 1) fix it, or 2) get a new one. And I’m going travelling for three months in 5 weeks time, I don’t need that extra cost right now. But I do need a phone that works if I’m going to be in foreign countries for 12 weeks. So it’s a cost I’ll have to deal with. I need my phone for maps, and translations, and photos.

But perhaps it’ll do me good to be without a phone for a while.

Until tomorrow, I doubt it.


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