July 6th 2015

Today I finally finished reading a book. I’ve been trying to read To Kill a Mockingbird since January, but I’ve just never done it. Anyway, today I gave up and read my own book instead. Because it’s been so long since I read my book it was actually better than I remembered it to be, and by that I mean, I didn’t hate reading it as much as I used to.

I used to hate it probably because during editing I had to read it front to back every single day, but now that I’ve not picked it up in months it was nice, it almost felt new, I hadn’t quite forgotten the ending…

For my Mum’s birthday I got a copy of my otherwise PDF formatted book printed and bound into something that resembled an actual book, with pages and everything, so I read that today instead of reading the stack of individually printed A4 paper, or the PDF copy on a computer screen. Maybe that’s why I hated it less as well, because it felt more like an actual book today.

What’s annoying is that reading it through today, in the printed, bounded, glossed copy I still found a lot of mistakes. Missed words, improper grammar and capitalisation, no spelling errors though, so that’s something. But it just reminded me that even though I have this copy that I can pick up and touch and take pictures of and say that I have a book, it’s not finished. There’s still so much more to do with it before it’s an actual real book. And just because I’ve had it printed, that doesn’t make it published. Oh no. But that’s ultimately the goal. To get it published. I just don’t know how to do that, or where to start, or what to do now.

Until tomorrow, any ideas?



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