July 5th 2015

Today we celebrated my Nan and Grandad’s fiftieth Wedding Anniversary. That’s a heckuva long time. Fifty years. Jesus.

That’s two and a half of my entire lifetime, which is weird. For their fiftieth anniversary they finally completed a long term goal of going to each of every of the fifty states of North America, a few weeks ago they went of holiday and visited the remaining 6 that were unvisited. That’s a crazy thing to do with someone, to see so much of the world. That’s the kinda marriage I want to have, to be with someone with whom you want to see the world.

My Nan’s always been obsessed with fridge magnets, so years ago they got this magnet map on which you stick a magnet from every state in America, and for a few years it has been missing just six states. (Don’t ask me to name them) But now they’ve finished it, and it’s the header photo for this post.

I just think that’s so massive, that they’ve finished a massive goal like that for their fiftieth anniversary, fifty for fifty. I need to set myself some life goals so I know where I want to go and how I want to get there, and what not. But if in fifty years time I’m still married to the same girl then I reckon I’ll’ve done alright.

One of my next books will be about a bucket list (when I get around to writing it) so at some point I’ll have to create one of them myself, and then complete it vicariously through the protagonist of my novel. I really want to start writing again, but I’m not finding motivation or desire right now. It’s annoying. I don’t want to be resenting my laziness in fifty years time, and even though fifty years is a ridiculously long time…

Until tomorrow, I don’t wanna waste it.



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